I had scoliosis very bad between ages 10-13, then seemed to go in remission until about 50, osteoarthritis and problems started again. Terrible burning sensation, very painful to walk, just gradually got worse. Three surgeries later got even worse. Was taking 10-12 tylenol 3’s during the day and more during the night. Now, I haven’t used an electric wheelchair for 6 months, only a walker and cane. I look forward to walking without any aids and being pain free. Previously I would wake up every 2-3 hours and have to walk the floor, and I could only sleep on right side; now I can sleep in any position, and sleep through the night.
Irene A.

I’ve had problems with my low back with pain going right through my right leg on and off over the last 2 years. I was unable to work for 6 months. After 6 months of treatment, I experienced pain relief and increased mobility. I was able to resume my work duties again. I appreciate the friendliness of the staff, and they are always accommodating my work schedule.
– E.B.

I was involved in a motor vehicle accident over 35 years ago. I was left with one leg being 1/2″ shorter, and chronic low back ache and shoulder/neck tension that I just “learned to live with” and adjusted my activities accordingly. My father was a general medical practitioner and so I was totally opposed to the idea of chiropractic. A friend recommended me to Dr. Terai, and now my leg lengths are close to equal, I’m able to walk 2 miles on rough terrain without experiencing low back ache. My neck tension and the consequent headaches are greatly reduced. Burtch Chiropractic has a very professional atmosphere, my questions were answered, and I received personalized attention by knowledgeable individuals. I really appreciate Dr. Terai’s approach and treatment.
– Beverly H.

I had a sore neck and headaches for over 18 years — migraines that kept me from my life. My progress has been better than I expected. My neck is not in constant pain, and I have found that it has helped my digestive system. I used to feel sick and bloated after every meal, and now I don’t. I was unaware that my spine was affecting this.
– Sandra P.

I had a bad lower back that hindered work and playing sports for almost 3 years. I experienced pain while lying down, and it kept me from doing things I enjoyed the most. I was somewhat of a disbeliever, but never really gave it a chance. Now, I have resumed all my sports, including weightlifting and I am about 99% pain free. I feel more fluidity in my steps and all my movements seem to glide instead of using so much effort. I am 42 years old but my back feels 20 years younger.
– Alex D.