We love seeing and helping all of our patients and would like everyone to feel comfortable and safe. I know it seems redundant this many months into the pandemic, but in order to keep our practice open, we still our COVID protocols in place:

What we are doing:

– staggered appointment times to minimize office traffic
– sanitize touch surfaces after each patient
– sanitize our hands between patients
– wear masks and gloves
– two waiting room chairs, 6 feet apart
– removed magazines, books, and puzzles
– removed coffee and water machines — please ask if you would like some

Please DO NOT come to the office if, in the last two weeks, you have:

– fever/chills/runny nose
– loss of taste or smell
– new/unexplained cough, sore throat, difficulty breathing
– have come in contact with someone tested positive for COVID
– been tested for COVID and are awaiting results

On arrival:

– please come for the scheduled appointment time, not more than 5 minutes early
– if arriving early:
– call to see if we can accommodate you
– wait in car until scheduled time
– wait in lobby until scheduled time
– do not bring companions who are not also being treated (wait in car)
– sanitize hands
– wear mask (optional when laying face down on table)
– 6 feet of social distancing

After your appointment:

– 6 feet of social distancing if you have to wait to pay
– use tap for credit card and debit card if possible
– exit office in a timely manner